Deep Thoughts (about Thailand) by K+M

In the short term, before our next post about Phuket (poo-ket), Phi Phi Island (Pee Pee eye-land) and Ao Nang (Ow Nong), we are going to give you some of our deepest (and briefest) thoughts and observations about our time in Thailand. And yes, we added pronunciation so you can see how the silly 12 year olds in each of us felt when we said some of those names. Oh, and let’s not forget Bangkok. Although Mike left teaching middle school, the middle schooler’s sense of humor isn’t quite as easy to lose.

1. Probably most profound out of all of these: 30 Seconds to Mars is a huge deal. Kind of like Jesse and the Rippers in Japan. Yeah, we just went wayyyy back.

2. Another chain really big over here, outside of the normal McDonalds and KFC restaurants, is Dairy Queen. It was a big surprise to us, but not surprisingly, the blizzards are much better (and bigger) in the US.

3. We mentioned earlier that US pad Thai was better, and in that same vein, Mike keeps wanting to spell “typhoon” like “Thaipoon.”

photo (4)4. There are a bajillion fantastically created words and phrases for English-speaking tourists that are beyond even being considered double entendres. A more detailed post to come in the future, but suffice to say, the names for types of massages leaves us feeling as if we need to take a shower. Here’s a harmless “tip” of the iceberg for translation snafus:

5. Bangkok has outdone America at being America when it comes to malls. Without divulging too much into our future post about how malls here have themes and are grander than any mall we’ve been to, suffice to say American malls need to step up their A game and begin building internationally themed architecture in its houses of shopping worship.

6. Speaking of worship, we’ve yet to go to a wat…two weeks into our trip. Ooops.

7. We were amazed at how we could stand at one point in DuPont back home and see three different Starbucks. Bangkok has outdone that, and in addition, has even better skinny vanilla lattes.

photo (3)

We have so many more thoughts to share with you, but you must patiently wait! And we promise they will not be nearly as brief! (For better or worse…)

K + M


2 Comments Add yours

  1. CSH says:

    Hahaha number three speaks to me.

  2. aliciabrynn says:

    #5 & #7….YES! You’re going everywhere I went :). We definitely have to talk when you get back!

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